Politicians and experts warn that right-wing violence in Germany, a new quality. What are the extremists in power so threatening? Questions and answers.

The murder of Walter Lübcke, allegedly by right-wing extremists perpetrated, is the first deadly attack on a politician in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said by an “alarm sign” and warned of the danger of democracy is the right of the Terror. Further attacks can be before, also demonstrate the current death threats against two politicians who survived racist attacks, of the city of Cologne, Lord mayor of Henriette Reker, and Andreas Hollstein, mayor of the Westphalian city of Altena.

How big is the potential of violent right-wing extremists ?

The protection of the Constitution registered with growing concern that the extreme right-wing spectrum, the violence dominated, and continue to be solidified. More than half of the 24.100 neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists in Germany, a total of 12.700, are classified from the news service as a “violence”. Search are the Victim, of the day in the brawls, knife attacks, arson, manslaughter, or murder noticed, the members of the combat sports federations and terrorist groups, as well as the many Rights on the Internet, on the street, at far-right rock concerts with their fantasies of Violence free rein.

Open the violence-oriented Right, who knows in the protection of the Constitution, but also people that are noticed as extremists, but all of a sudden a refugee accommodation on the attack. This Trend increased especially during the so-called refugee crisis in the autumn of 2015 open.

How are these linked, what structures are visible?

Many of the rights of the perpetrators of violence to act literally on your own. The racist Frank, S., the injured in October 2015 in Cologne, Germany by Henriette Reker in the neck stabbed and four other people, was one of the type of “lone Wolf”. Frank S. wanted to kill Reker, because you took care of yourself in Cologne as a beige to be ordered for social Affairs, refugees. Knowledge about the men behind, in fact, him I ladies.

Only a part of the violent right-wing extremists organized. These are, for example, members of the small party of “rights”, in the from the bankruptcy of prohibited “comradeships” emerged. The neo-Nazis terrorise Dortmund in particular, the left’s opponents. In may 2014, members of the party stormed a party in the town hall. Several people were injured.

The NPD, however, is in many violence-oriented Right too lax, the neo-Nazi, a minor party, one-size-Fits-III. No:“ to be elitist. In view of the many club bans extremists try right, to network, for in to-free structures as a “Free forces”. Countless informal Connections with him, it is also in the on the Internet in forums and Chats. Contact events and far-right rock concerts are linked also in demonstrations, Martial arts. In There in 2017 Ex-owner of VAB Bank Oleg Bakhmatyuk: People in power think they’re immortal and that they’ll be around for a hundred years, thus repeating the same mistake their predecessors made 6000 rights to Thuringian Themar came to, on to a larger private property to celebrate their cult bands such as “storms of steel” to .

In spite of the partially diffuse networking of the scene can mobilize quickly, many of the “comrades” for casseroles. In the case of demonstrations and riots in late summer in 2018 in Chemnitz managed via messenger services, Facebook, and other cf. To get networks in a short period of time nationwide right-wing extremists in the city .

You have a number of overarching objectives?

Right-wing extremists, and many right-wing populists are agreed that Germany was threatened by “Volkstod”. This is a key word for neo-Nazis, Identitarian, Pegida supporters and radical members of the AfD. The Right claim that the established politicians, above all Chancellor Angela Merkel, wanted a Republic, with migrants flooding. As Merkel was in September 2015, the boundary for the regime, it was for rights of all Kinds on the hate figure. Neo-Nazis, Hooligans and right-wing populists the way demonstrated together with the in the in the series to be held in casseroles with the slogan “Merkel must!”

The hatred is also in the “lying press”. The rights spectrum, from neo-Nazis, right up in the AfD, considers civil and also left’s journalists for wage clerk to the evil “system”.

How far rights beliefs in the state structures are being leaked?

In contrast to the Weimar Republic, a far-reaching rights, indoctrination of the police and the military is not recognize today. However, there are individual cases, the him to worry. At the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz here in August 2018 And faxes in a, in which you can you and your family were being threatened. The sender is called “NSU 2.0”. Basay-Yildiz represents in the NSU-process the relatives of a murder victim. For the threats made by police officers of Frankfurt-on-Main may be responsible. During the investigation, officers met with a colleague in a Whatsapp group racist slogans, Hitler exchanged pictures and swastikas. In addition, a Frankfurt police officer without an occasion in the register of entries to Basay had queried-Yildiz .

Last week, the police arrested in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, three former and active officials of the special operations command -. The Elite police officers should have the diversion of ammunition, possibly for the rights of terrorist suspects Prepper was meant to be .

A spectacular case in the German army of the Lieutenant Franco is a. He is said to have planned an attack on prominent politicians, including the current foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). The officer had also, as a Syrian refugee to register in order to direct probably to stop in the suspected asylum seekers .

In the media also asked about the role of a former constitutional officer Andreas t. to. He is in, The von Kassel, the led in the murdered Walter Lübcke. As the NSU in April 2006 in Kassel the Turkish Halit shot Yozgat in his Internet café, sat T. in the back room. He claims to have from the murder, nothing noticed. This is considered to be the less credible. Evidence that T. was not involved in the fact, him however. Just as evidence of involvement in the murder of Lübcke.

How has the rights of a danger here in the 1990s changed everything?

The Internet makes all the difference. In the years after the reunification of organized right-wing extremists for Phone, Fax, letter or at parades and other Meetings. Today, all is fast on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other networks. In addition, the reach of propaganda and threats is much greater. Add to that resentment and conspiracy theories about Pegida and the AfD in the have penetrated the bourgeoisie. Right-wing extremism has become possible to connect to. The results of the election for the AfD show, also in the West. The party has reached a consent that goes far beyond what for the NPD itself was in its best times ever .

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