Are Interest Only loans still your very best option?

Interest levels certainly are a topic that is hot now. Up until immediate past, mortgage loan prices had been exactly the same as investment loan prices. During the last month or two, banking institutions have now been interest that is slowly increasing to the stage where Interest just (IO) loans are 1% more than Principal & Interest (P&I) loans. Having a 100 basis points’ price huge difference, one must start thinking about whether it nevertheless makes economic feeling to spend IO on your initial investment loan.

Quick recap on why this really is happening…

APRA (the regulator) desires home loan clients to start reducing financial obligation and so they’ve directed banking institutions and loan providers to dramatically reduce steadily the amount of current and IO that is new. Relate to my previous web log explaining APRA’s instructions and way to banks and exactly why IO loans are now actually more costly than P&I loans.

Do I need to spend down my mortgage loan prior to making major repayments on my investment loan?

Most of the time, the most effective strategy is/has gone to spend your home loan debt off very very first, before generally making major repayments on your invested interest loans. This plan allows you to optimise your income tax advantages by directing more money towards your non tax-deductible financial obligation before paying off your investment (tax-deductible) financial obligation.

In many cases, in addition is practical to cover IO on your own mortgage loan whilst cash that is accumulating an offset account (or redraw). This tactic allows you to make use of the growing equity of one’s property and leveraging it into more investment assets (like home) to produce wealth faster. “Time” available in the market is key to producing wealth that is massive property. Making IO repayments purchases you time and allows you to purchase more home sooner.

While the above strategy continues to be legitimate but still appropriate, the larger rate of interest for IO loans has raised issue on whether IO repayments nevertheless makes sense that is financial.

Your circumstances is exclusive for you, and unfortunately there is absolutely no rule that is simple of. However let’s look at a situation to assist you determine if spending IO on your initial investment loan remains the proper strategy, or whether you ought to switch to P&I repayments.


  • Mr customer includes a $500k owner-occupier (OO) house loan, and
  • Mr customer features a $ investment that is 500kINV) loan
  • When it comes to investment loan, let’s assume the rate that is p&I 4%, additionally the IO price is 5%

Just What the true figures assert if making P&I repayments in the investment loan

  • Repayments $2,387 per calender month (pcm)
  • End of 12 months 1, cashflow required $28,644 ($19,840 interest + $8,804 principal)
  • Balance owing $491,195
  • End of 5, cash flow required $143,220 ($95,458 interest + $47,762 principal year)
  • Balance owing $452,238

Exactly just What the figures assert if making IO repayments from the investment loan

  • Repayments $2,083 pcm
  • End of 1, cash flow required $25,000 ($25,000 interest + $0 principal year)
  • Balance owing $500,000
  • End of 5, cash flow required $125,000 ($125,000 interest + $0 principal year)
  • Balance owing $500,000

Go directly to the calculators page on our web site to exercise other situations.

Which can be better? IO repayments or P&I repayments in the investment loan?

Let’s look in the advantages and disadvantages utilising the scenario that is above help you decide.

Benefits of having to pay IO…

  • Less money movement needed, $18,220 over 5 years ($3,644 per year, or $304 pcm)
  • The excess $18,220 money over 5 years could lessen your OO loan by around 6 years
  • Spending OO financial obligation faster means more equity in your PPOR, which can then be leveraged/geared into purchasing more assets and producing more wealth
  • Interest on investment loans is taxation deductible, whereas on the mortgage it really isn’t
  • You are taking benefit of negative gearing advantages, which means additional interest compensated is shared between you while the ATO (e.g. The ATO would foot the bill up to $23,171 on the basis of the typical marginal taxation price of 30%)

Drawbacks of having to pay IO…

  • Better scrutiny by banking institutions and loan providers whenever evaluating IO loans
  • In the final end of five years, loan owing is nevertheless $500,000
  • During the end of five years, interest paid is $77,238 greater
  • Making P&I repayments from Day 1 on your invested interest loan can lead to paying down the loan around 6 years sooner, saving $150,000 in interest
  • Whilst IO loan would lead to $304 pcm in extra cash flow (which is often utilized to cover down your OO financial obligation sooner), often the money would get lost in a “black opening” resulting in nil general advantageous asset of making IO repayments


Making a choice on which strategy is the best for you personally all boils down to your personal future plans along with your personal situation. Dilemmas you should look at are:

  • How old you are
  • Your wide range creation strategy ( ag e.g. Aggressive or passive)
  • Your appetite for danger
  • Your cash that is available movement
  • What you could manage when it comes to repayments
  • How big your economic buffers
  • Your investment schedule

Think about, have you got sufficient equity accumulated in your premises (or properties) that one may launch to beat the banking institutions at their very own game? Can the equity is used by you launch to greatly help augment your hard earned money movement and also make P&I repayments, consequently spending less interest? Food for thought possibly.

In conclusion I’ll say this. IO loans have actually their location for a wealth that is sound strategy, nevertheless there comes a place when you yourself have to inquire about issue whether or not it is nevertheless sensible to cover more interest towards the bank, or whether that additional interest is the best paid down your own personal loan.

When deciding, be aware that some banking institutions and loan providers are actually reluctant to refinance IO loans and for that reason you may possibly be “stuck” with your present loan provider after the loan reverts to P&I. Which means your loan would be amortised over 25 years on a basis that is p&i the finish associated with the 5 years’ IO term. If this happens, your hard earned money movement shall be dramatically impacted.

Plenty to think of, but this is basically the truth we’re confronted with. In the event that you feel stuck and need the right guidance and advice, go ahead and e mail us.

Disclaimer: these records doesn’t consider your own objectives, financial predicament and requirements. You should evaluate whether or not the information is suitable for you and look for expert advice from an experienced and licensed consultant.

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